Neolithic culture on stamps

A few days ago I went on a trip and, in one of the cities on our way, we visited a museum dedicated to the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture. This Neolithic–Eneolithic archaeological culture existed from approximately six thousand years ago, from the Carpathian Mountains to the Dniester and Dnieper regions (in modern-day Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine).


I was really impressed by the artifacts displayed there and I was thinking how nice would some pictures of them look on stamps. So after I got home, I did a little research and I gladly found there already are a few nice stamps dedicated to the Cucuteni culture. Maybe in the future I’ll find them for my collection :)

20-bani-1978-tezaur-dacic-cucuteni-aplica-iasi_309_5758683c3034e735M 40-bani-1978-tezaur-dacic-cucuteni-bratara-iasi_309_58113006bb61adf3M

Like this I’ve discovered another fascinating theme for stamps: history. Seeing old artifacts like these make me think about our ancestors, about the lives and habits of the people living here many millenniums before us, about all the things that had to happen during this time for us to get where we are today. And I appreciate the people who recognized their value by illustrating them on these stamps.

Cucuteni 745_001


Reasons to Start Collecting Cats Stamps

This post is dedicated to our fearless companions, the cats. They are one of the most popular pet in the world, and are now found in almost all places where people live.


Lots of beautiful stamps illustrating cats were issued and I’ve decided to start collecting this theme. Until now I have some series from Romania and Hungary and I hope many others will come.

It seems many philatelists are into this, I’ve even found a website dedicated to cat stamps collecting (

I’m gonna show you a few reasons why I think cats are really great:


– According to Hebrew legend, Noah prayed to God to help him protect all the food he had on the ark from being eaten by rats. In reply, God made the lion sneeze, and out popped a cat

– Despite being solitary hunters, cats are a social species, they communicate using a variety of vocalizations (meowing, purring, trilling, hissing, growling and grunting) as well as cat pheromones and body language

– Even if they are domestic animals, cats are pretty independent. They can sense the tone in your voice, knowing when you are speaking lovingly to them or if you are yelling at them. But they understand punishments different than humans do – that is why they always get into trouble

– Cats were first domesticated back in ancient Egypt time, a fact proven by the paintings found than illustrate them, dating back as far as 3500 years old. It’s said that when a family cat died in ancient Egypt, family members would mourn by shaving off their eyebrows

– A cat can hear high-frequency sounds up to two octaves higher than a human, and also can jump up to five times its own height in a single bound. That’s pretty impressive..

– And of course, cats are great because sometimes they can be so cute.. or so hilarious :)



How Can Stamps Help the World?

A few days ago I came across a stamp from Cyprus that was created to raise money for a Refugees Fund, being applied on every letter that is being sent. While looking at this it struck me that stamps can be much more then I thought before: a way of helping to make the world a little better.


After some research I’ve found that stamps were used throughout time for social causes in many countries and many ways, from raising awareness campaigns, to encouraging good behaviors or bringing tribute to people who made a difference for the others.

Here are a few examples of stamp campaigns that are trying to achieve this:

Aids Solidarity Campain:

g-500x500     208px-AidsRusStamp1993

AIDS is major threat to humanity today. Recognizing the need to spread awareness about this fatal disease, countries like India, China, US, Russia, Belarus have released a series of stamps dedicated to this subject.

Alert postage stamp for missing children:

Screenshot from 2013-06-21 12:37:17

AMBER Alert stamp honors a program dedicated to the rapid recovery of abducted children. This stamp has the purpose of informing even citizen of the AMBER Alert program (America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response), to make a difference in the safety of a child.

Rosa Parks Stamp:


For those of you who do not know, Rosa Park was one of the enduring figures of the Civil Rights movement.  She refused to cede her seat in the colored section of the Montgomery bus to a white man after the whites-only section filled up. Her defiance and the ensuing black boycott of the city bus system helped the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. rise to national prominence.

I’ve found these stamps impressive but there are many others. Maybe I’ll talk about them in future posts..

Lady and the Tramp on Stamps

A few days ago I received a beautifully designed stamps set  from Grenada issued in 1981, that illustrates Disney’s movie Lady and the Tramp.


While looking at them I remembered that one of the first times I went to the cinema, it was when my mother took me to see this animation. I was just a kid and it seemed magical for me at that time. I’m sure those of you who remember it will understand why (many years after that I dreamed about receiving a cute puppy like that in a present box).


But now, thinking about this story, I realize it shows us more than just some cute puppies.. it is a story about overcoming social obstacles, about friendship, about living life fully, and of course about love, that makes it all possible.

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing these stamps as much as I do. I’ll now put them in my stamps album and I’m sure I’ll remember about this story each time when I eat spaghetti :)



How it all started

Here I am writing my first blog post.. If you told me a few months ago I’ll have a blog about stamps I probably wouldn’t believe it. But let me tell you how I got here.

I was just by chance looking over an old stamp album that belonged to a friend of mine and I saw a stamp illustrating a Romanian folktale with princes and dragons. Even if it was 30 year old, the stamp looked so colorful and alive, you could almost feel the heat of the dragon’s breath.


And while looking at it I realized for the first time that stamps are more than just a piece of paper with some drawing on it made for sending letters. They are a way of sending a message over time, a way of expressing emotions, a way of showing gratitude towards a person, an invention, an idea, a historical event, a tradition or even life itself, with the planets, mountains, animals, flowers and trees that are all part of it.

And with this thoughts in mind, I’ve decided to start collecting stamps and now I’m writing about them, because they all have a story that it’s worth telling.