Lady and the Tramp on Stamps

A few days ago I received a beautifully designed stamps set ¬†from Grenada issued in 1981, that illustrates Disney’s movie Lady and the Tramp.


While looking at them I remembered that one of the first times I went to the cinema, it was when my mother took me to see this animation. I was just a kid and it seemed magical for me at that time. I’m sure those of you who remember it will understand why (many years after that I dreamed about receiving a cute puppy like that in a present box).


But now, thinking about this story, I realize it shows us more than just some cute puppies.. it is a story about overcoming social obstacles, about friendship, about living life fully, and of course about love, that makes it all possible.

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing these stamps as much as I do. I’ll now put them in my stamps album and I’m sure I’ll remember about this story each time when I eat spaghetti :)



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