How it all started

Here I am writing my first blog post.. If you told me a few months ago I’ll have a blog about stamps I probably wouldn’t believe it. But let me tell you how I got here.

I was just by chance looking over an old stamp album that belonged to a friend of mine and I saw a stamp illustrating a Romanian¬†folktale with princes and dragons. Even if it was 30 year old, the stamp looked so colorful and alive, you could almost feel the heat of the dragon’s breath.


And while looking at it I realized for the first time that stamps are more than just a piece of paper with some drawing on it made for sending letters. They are a way of sending a message over time, a way of expressing emotions, a way of showing gratitude towards a person, an invention, an idea, a historical event, a tradition or even life itself, with the planets, mountains, animals, flowers and trees that are all part of it.

And with this thoughts in mind, I’ve decided to start collecting stamps and now I’m writing about them, because they all have a story that it’s worth telling.