UK 20 pence coin 2004 , forgery or real?

On one of my travels to the UK I received some change in a shop. When I came home I noticed a 20 pence 2004 coin that looked different from other 20p coins I had. I found a 20p from the same year, 2004, so I could compare the suspected piece.
The (possible) forgery looks more worn then other pieces, that are even longer in circulation (very obvious, it looks dirtier also). The details are vague and look a more crude than on the genuine piece.

The original coin is stated by the Royal Mint as weighing 5.0 gram. The original piece I have weighs 5.04 gram and the suspected piece weighs 4.97 gram. (as a collector of medieval coins a difference in weight like this is not shocking, but for modern coins?)

I have not encountered a similar piece since then, so I cannot tell if it is a forgery or a normal coin suffering from extensive circualtion.

Do you have any idea?

3 thoughts on “UK 20 pence coin 2004 , forgery or real?

  1. Hi there,
    It is a fake and there are manny in circulation. That’s why British Government want’s to bring more secure items on the coin surfaces. Have you ever seen the new pound coin? It’s total diferent.

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