The Coins of the Flanders Hoard 1914-1918

As an ongoing process for our research on the medieval lion groats form the Low Countries (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg) and France, we looked at another old coin hoard, found during WWI in Flanders and reported in 1956 in the Royal Numismatic Society’s Numismatic
Chronicle by R.H.M. Dolley – “A Small Find of Fourteenth Century Groats From Flanders”.

By kind permission of the Royal Numismatic Society we could use the pictures of Dolley’s article for our research.

By this time we have to develop our theory of dating some of the Flemish emissions of the leeuwengroten. Which has some consequences for dating the hoard.

the report can be found at here.

New book published – Collecting Medieval Coins: A Beginner’s Guide by Paul A. Torongo

Last week a new book came out – Collecting Medieval Coins: A Beginner’s Guide – by long time collector of medieval coins, Paul Torongo.
Paul has worked on this book for years with the objective to give collectors who are new to medieval coins a guide on what they can encounter when entering this area. Collecting medieval coins is often treated without great detail when coin collecting is discussed in general.

The book gives an overview of the varied field of medieval numismatics with full colour images of coins. It is not an extensive catalogue of all European medieval coins, but it gives a cross-section of what is out there.
The value of the book is on collecting medieval coins and offers information on various aspects of collecting medieval coins, including the minting process, minting policies, buying medieval coins, lettering, identifying, preservation, photographing and grading of medieval coins (grading is quite different compared to grading modern coins).

Medieval numismatics is characterised by a long time frame (c. 500 to 1500 AD), fragmented geography, varied coinages and coin types, specialist studies and hard to find literature, lack of contemporary resources and often coins that are difficult to find or to identify. All things that might daunt the beginning collector. This book offers a usefull guide to the beginning but also the advanced collector to start and enjoy collecting medieval coins. The book might turn out to be a must have for every collector of medieval coins.

For more information and ordering this book:
Collecting Medieval Coins: A Beginner’s Guide

Collecting Medieval Coins: A Beginner’s Guide

Publication Date: Aug 22, 2013
ISBN/EAN13: 1492172022 / 9781492172024
Page Count: 386
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Language: English
Full Color