Trying to find an old trading road …

Yesterday we tried to find an old road connecting 2 villages near Brasov but without so much luck, at least the scenery was beautiful and the weather was just perfect :)

The 3 coins are :

Near Brasov

Near Brasov

3 coins while metal detecting

3 coins while metal detecting

10 Euro coin celebrating Richard Wagner bicentenary

I’m a big fan of Richard Wagner’s music and I was pleased when I saw that the Bank of Germany will issue in 3 days a silver commemorative coin celebrating his birth bicentenary :)

10 Euro 2013 - Richard Wagner

10 Euro 2013 – Richard Wagner

More details about the coin:

And .. don’t forget .. here is a piece of music by Wagner’s genius: (Richard Wagner – Ride Of The Valkyries)

Coin or medal orientation

While being a moderator on a lot of people asked me what are the different orientations of the coins so I thought .. why not explain it here too?

Basically there are 2 types :

1) Coin orientation : It is when you turn the coin on the X (horizontal) axis to the other side and the coin design is upside down.

Coin orientation (alignment)

Coin orientation (alignment)

2) Medal orientation : In this case, if you turn the coin on the horizontal axis to the other side the design is in the good position.

Medal orientation (alignment)

Medal orientation (alignment)

PS : On older coins you will see that they may be neither of medal, neither of coin orientation but to a certain degree (mostly random)

Chewing gum inserts

If you are old enough (born before 1995) there is a great chance you will remember the chewing gum inserts, a lot of kids loved it, including myself. I remember buying a lot of Turbo Kent chewing gum and chewing them until my jaws hurt :))

We played a lot of games with the prize being the inserts inside, almost all kids from my neighborhood collected them but with the time we just put the inserts in books or in shoe boxes and forgot about them.

Last week, while doing some cleanup in my old stuff I found 7 Turbo inserts and I decided to make a catalog for them on Allnumis along with another user Radu Florin ( )

If you have such chewing gum inserts please help us revive this cool collectible :)